Network of Young Farmers

The network of young farmers is formed by the need for greater involvement of young farmers aged up to 40 years in decision-making and legal regulations in order to strengthen and improve their general condition and to integrate social change more quickly in order to respond to the various challenges that is waiting for them in everyday life.

The network of young farmers has no legal personality and functions within the framework of the NFF and it encourages young farmers to integrate and acquire through: mutual support, volunteering, youth promotion as a resource, youth activism, youth participation, transparency, democracy and mutual trust , organization and their inclusion, information, advocacy and lobbying for youth policy.


  • Organizing and involving young farmers;
  • Mutual trust and cooperation between members;
  • Friendship and having fun;
  • Division of responsibilities;
  • Coordination and continuous work;
  • Team work;
  • Transparency;
  • Democracy;
  • Information;
  • Promotion of young farmers as a resource;
  • Advocacy and lobbying for the interests of young farmers.

Coordinator of the Youth Network - farmers: Vasil Kocevski, member of the Board of the NFF

Regional coordinators:

  • Adjiabajram Daci for Gostivar - Debar region,
  • Despina Krstevska for the Skopje region,
  • IlchoMadzovski for the KrivaPalanka region,
  • Dubravka Djilas for the Tetovo region,
  • Georgievski Laze for Prespa - Pelagonia region,
  • Metin Kurtov for Radovish region.


The network of young farmers develops the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the young farmers in Macedonia, encourages teamwork and communication between them, raises the interest in agriculture, and contributes to its development, improvement of the quality of life and protection of the environment.

Goce Mitev was selected as coordinator for implementation of the activities for applying for the portal for volunteering on organic farms.


  • Development of programs and initiatives that help young farmers to be more informed and educated;
  • Increasing and strengthening the role of young farmers in: NFF, local associations and the agricultural sector as a whole;
  • Promotion of agriculture as an opportunity for self-employment;
  • Organizing specific program activities;
  • Conducting joint projects for members;
  • Organizing professional trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours, exhibitions and video presentations;

Who can be a member of the Network of Young Farmers

Any young person not older than 40 years who is involved or interested in agriculture can be a member of one of the two social networks in the NFF (IMF and MoF) by filling out and submitting an application form and adding that it deals with agricultural activity as well as settlement of Annual fee in the amount of 500 denars.