Women Farmer’s Network

The Women's Farmers Network (WFN) exists since 2005 with a decision of the Board of Directors after identifying the need for its active work within the Federation of Farmers.

Implementation of activities for economic strengthening of the rural woman, strengthening the leadership skills of women-farmers, above all, helping in the realization of its rights to ownership and agricultural land, exercising the right to pension, educational field training, study visits, work with focus groups with vulnerable groups from rural areas. These are the concrete things that the Women's Network of Farmers places as their priority.

National Coordinator of the Women Network - Farmer: Frosina Georgievska, (apple producer and active member of the association "BlagojKotlarovski" from Resen, a member of the Federation).


Informed, educated, active and powerful women with entrepreneurial spirit, involved in all governance structures in agricultural organizations, NFF and institutions of the system.


Powerful and united woman - a farmer, a driver in the agricultural association for strengthening the skills of women farmers and the realization of her rights.

Regional coordinators :

  • Suzana Dimitrievska - Stip region,
  • Irena Garevska - Skopje region,
  • Snezana Taneva - Gevgelija region,
  • Frosina Gjorgievska,Prespa - Pelagonia region,
  • Tanja Koleva - Negotino region
  • Ruza Stojmilova - Kocani region.

Women's Network - Farmers conducts trainings and workshops where women acquire appropriate knowledge and education for certain areas in agriculture and protection of their rights and interests.

A large number of women-farmers in the Network of Women-Farmers participate in conferences on entrepreneurship, National Policies for Strengthening Rural Women, Entrepreneurship Conferences.

Through the Network of Women Farmers, a large number of women-farmers participated in study tours in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Israel, America, Belgium, France, Romania and neighboring countries where they exchanged experiences and perceived who way women - farmers live and work in the developed countries. A large number of women farmers from Albania, Kosovo, Sweden, Romania, France were in the Republic of Macedonia and had the opportunity to learn from our women farmers and to exchange experiences and knowledge again.


- Economic strengthening of the female farmer - Raising the awareness of the female farmer for greater involvement of the creation of agricultural policy - Regional dissemination of the WFN and promotion - Incentive and support of women entrepreneurs


-The Women Farmers Network holds annual meetings where a program for further action and implementation of women's strengthening activities is being prepared and its involvement and involvement in the creation of the agricultural policy.

Every year, the International Rural Day is organized - a woman is celebrated on October 15 in 80 countries, and the message defined by the World Summit of Women Foundation is being transmitted. The goal of the celebration is to emphasize the importance of the woman - farmer and to encourage her active participation in the creation of agricultural policy and agricultural association.

The network of women-farmers organizes the "Yufkijada" event, where jufka and tarana are being prepared. This event emphasizes the role of the farmer's wife in preserving the traditional food and her entrepreneurial skills for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the direction of preservation of our traditional dishes.