National Federation of Farmers

Agriculture is an important economic branch in the Republic of Macedonia, on the one hand it provides 15% of the Gross Domestic Product, on the other hand, 180,000 families exist in agriculture, and 45% of the Macedonian population lives in rural areas, which occupy 87% of the country's total area. Precisely because of the great migration where the main reasons are the low purchase prices of agricultural products, poverty, limited access to educational, health institutions comes to the extinction of the villages. We must work on this and direct our actions all together.

Оn 15.11.2017 at the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the FFRM, announced for the first time the beginning of the activity of National Federation of Farmers.

The National Farmers Federation has expanded its scope of action. This means that besides farmers, agricultural associations, agricultural cooperatives, the organization will continue to work on strengthening and supporting vulnerable categories in rural areas, greater support for young people and women, as well as their direct involvement in the development of agriculture through decision-making and active action.

In addition to agriculture, one of the main focuses of the organization is the rural development, ie dealing with the problems and challenges that the rural population faces, such as poverty and limited approaches of the rural population to health services, education, information, law and decision-making power.

The main pillar of action is lobbying in the direction of defining the problems from the field and by joint work and analysis will be presented in front of the competent institutions for finding a common solution, which is in the interest of the farmers and the welfare of our entire country.

The focus of the National Farmers' Organization, which will continue to function under the slogan "Together for success" and the logo that symbolizes the labor and production of our farmers, is solving the biggest problems, and that is placement and quality production.


The vision to which we strive is - PROFITABLE AGRICULTURE - STABLE VILLAGE

A system of lobbying and advocacy has been set up where special emphasis is placed on solving the problem of the placement and development of the rural areas. Further, as a model for this problem we see co-operatives and economic forms of association of farmers. Agricultural cooperatives are the only form that, in theory and in practice, promotes market democracy and the functioning of the basic supply and demand rules that are indispensable in agriculture.

Adapting agriculture to the new climate, on this issue we work together with the state institutions in building strategy and investments in new technologies.

Our presence will continue to be represented in the creation of the agriculture strategies, the direct financial support, the IPARD program, the consolidation and the production and the agricultural land.

Special attention should be paid to all non-governmental organizations, donors and governmental institutions working in the field of agriculture and rural development to the development of the villages through strengthening of agriculture and investments intended for modernization of villages, as well as assistance to the socially vulnerable categories of these places.

The newspaper "Moja Zemja ", Conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings, campaigns, study visits, fairs continue to be our main feature in the direction of better informing and educating members.

In this part, the cooperation will continue with the Agency for Incentive and Development, the Agricultural Faculties and Institutes, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture.

Women and youth remain categories that will be concerned with their economic empowerment, leadership development and direct involvement as creators in agricultural and rural politics.

NFF is involved with its activities in improving the conditions of gender equality, as well as regional linking and communication with agricultural associations and international organizations and institutions.

The National Federation of Farmers with all its members, the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Executive Office will continue its activities under the sole slogan