Executive director

With his many years of experience in supporting agriculture and rural development both in the Republic of Macedonia and in the region, Orozovic transfers the most important elements in his work as Executive Director of the biggest umbrella organization in agriculture in the Republic of Macedonia. Within the organization, Orozovic is in charge of managing financial and human resources, administrative management and implementation of the adopted strategies and documents by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

Е-Mail: stevan.orozovic@nff.org.mk  


Financial Manager

With her dedication, labor and constant presence in the world of figures, Mirjana Mancheska has been managing the financial portfolio of the organization for some time. Her work in the organization includes accounting, administration and financial management that meets the needs of everyday work. Daily promotion, information and education is a guarantee of maintaining high quality work.

Е-Mail: mirjana.mancheska@nff.org.mk 


Project Manager

Biljana Petrovska Mitrevska is responsible for research and development of new agricultural analysis projects, as well as for managing one of the most important long-standing projects for Institutional Development of the organization in partnership with the Swedish organization WE EFFECT, and supported by SIDA. As a team player, she is a perfectionist, persistent and focused worker, and a partner who you can wish for. In her free time she is a human rights activist and a lover of the beautifully written word.

Е-Mail: biljana.petrovska@nff.org.mk


Membership and Service Manager

Najdovski is a Manager for membership and services with direct responsibility and obligations to develop the membership of the NFF, mobilize the membership in various activities, identify the needs of membership, and develop a suite of services that will respond to their requirements. At the same time, he is responsible for organizing and printing the magazine Moja Zemja and other publications of the FFRM. As a team player, he is always ready to be a solution that offers progress, photography is an eternal love, and a honeybee hobby.

Е-Mail: blagojce.najdovski@nff.org.mk



Regional Coordinator

Marija Rashajkovska is in charge of contact and increase of membership and support in realization of activities on a regional level. As a team player, Marija is here to offer you help and support, while in her private time, her world is travel and good fun.

Е-Mail: marija.rashajkovska@nff.org.mk